would you eat it?  anything named "soylent"... just, no.

In our first installment of WOULD YOU EAT IT, we take on SOYLENT.  SOYLENT is "a full day of balanced nutrition made in 3 minutes for $3/meal."

Ok, so maybe you don't know who Charlton Heston is.  (You should).  While you're at it, maybe you should also watch this clip of the 1973 cult sci-fi classic Soylent Green.  Long before food documentaries like Our Daily Bread and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead  kept you awake at night and out of the fridge, there was Soylent Green.  This creepy film is based on an interesting premise: when the world's oceans die and ecosystems fail, where does our food come from?  

So I'm guessing these folks were being intentional when they embarked on this rather pithy brand name SOYLENT.  Or, maybe they just aren't aiming their product at anyone over 35 who's seen this movie?  Well, at least it's not green... nope, just the pitcher is.

Recently, this brand has come under attack for not properly labeling its products with warnings and other disclosures.  It's also being assailed for trying to do away with the "social aspects" of eating together - intentionally marketing itself as fast, cheap, convenient and efficient fuel for your body:

So we ask you... WOULD YOU EAT IT?